Becoming a Six-Tool Player by mastering the mental challenges of the game was the message Nate Trosky had for players and coaches from the Little Hawks Baseball Club and City High during his Iowa City visit on February 25 and 26.

Coach Trosky, one of the premier infield and mental coaches in the world, encouraged development beyond baseball’s five traditional physical tools (1-Hit, 2-Run, 3-Field, 4-Throw, 5-Hit for Power) toward a sixth tool—the mental make-up necessary for success.

The camp also focused on the importance of preparation; keeping the team greater than any individual; and being a player with the ability to face obstacles, overcome challenges, and maintain a positive attitude:

      1. Grinder—Focused, on time, doesn’t take pitches off.
      2. Dirtbag—Brings the Juice! High energy, high intensity, the throttle is on, the octane is high, and the light is green!
      3. Bulldog—Fearless competitor. Plays with BIG attitude.
      4. Rock—Strong from the inside out. Headstrong and heartstrong. Composure is even, memory is short, bounce-back is quick. Adversity makes them better.
      5. Rat—Effort is great! No one outworks the Rat. Their motto is “Better Every Day!”

Thanks again to the Cornell College players who helped the kids at the camp, to Carousel Nissan for providing Coach Trosky with use of a car during his time in Iowa City, and to the Coralville Radisson for providing lodging.


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