Setting Up a Customized Nutrition Plan

Welcome to the website page for our nutrition program for the City High baseball team. Last season, our team had incredible results with our nutrition plan: we lost 76 lbs of fat and gained 19.4 lbs of muscle, resulting in a 95 lb change in body composition within one season. By just changing our nutrition, the team saw incredible improvements that can be replicated for this upcoming season with our program!

  • Individual scans on an InBody 570 body composition scale at the school, inputting their cell phone number as their identifier to store the data from each scan. Scan is uploaded to the LifeBase Solutions Dashboard.
  • Paperwork must be submitted with necessary information: Name, Address, DOB, cell phone #, types of activity and frequency. CREDIT CARD INFO MANDATORY TO COMPLETE THE SET UP. (You are welcome to call the store to provide to a person if you wish 319-259-7550)
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  • Specific goals are set based on the individual’s goals: better brain function, gaining muscle mass, losing fat, increasing endurance and stamina, improving health, etc.
  • Meal times are established based on what time the individual wakes up, has school lunch, works out, goes to bed.
  • The macros (Proteins, Carbs, and Fats) are established based on the individual’s needs.
  • Email is sent to the student and or parent with set up information and nutrition information to get started.
  • Next, the individual downloads the app to their phone: LifeBase Nutrition Platform. After logging in with the password from the email provided, the student is encouraged to log food eaten that day and the previous day to recognize the problem areas.
    • We educate on the importance of logging their meals/snacks. *at least 2-3 days in a row so the proper adjustments can be made.
    • Setting up a list of “Core Foods” – Foods the individual will be eating on a regular basis and can access easily to log the correct items.
    • Understanding how to log Supplements, Vegetables and Fruit
    • Educational Tools in the main menu are reviewed including the Five Success Factors that help with understanding nutrition and making progress.
      • The 20% Sugar Ratio
      • Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours
      • Always Eat Protein, Carbs and Fats Together
      • Eat 2.5 Cups of Vegetables Each Day
      • Get Your Fiber
  • Along with the Success Factors, there are other training videos on understanding the app and your nutrition, including pre/post workout and why they are important (if applicable to the student).
  • Student scans every two weeks (sometimes weekly). The Nutrition Coach receives a notification when the student scans and inputs their cell phone number.
  • In between scans, the Nutrition Coach can review the food logs and give suggestions at any time. If an in-person meeting isn’t possible, a message or email can be sent directly through the app/email to communicate with the individual.
  • Based on the data provided by the InBody and the Nutrition Coaches assessment, the Individuals macros are adjusted—if necessary.

The LifeBase platform is intended to educate users on establishing healthier lifestyles, as well as better athletic performance. The skills learned will be lifelong values they can use forever!

For more questions, please contact your coach or 319-259-7550

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