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This section of the site is designed to prepare and equip you for participation in City High Baseball. It is a resource on what you need to know, what you can expect along with how to enhance your opportunities through the magnificent game of baseball! Check out our various pages specifically designed for you!


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  • Nutrition Home Page
  • Individual scans on an InBody 570 body composition scale at the school, inputting their cell phone number as their identifier to store the data from each scan. Scan is uploaded to the LifeBase Solutions Dashboard.
  • Paperwork must be submitted with necessary information: Name, Address, DOB, cell phone #, types of activity and frequency. CREDIT CARD INFO MANDATORY TO COMPLETE THE SET UP. (You are welcome to call the store to provide to a person if you wish 515-327-1629)

Training Resources:

Trosky Youtube 

Tread Athletics

Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Other Resources:


Tread Athletics: password: treadnutrition

Nutrition Quick Start Guide- Tread Team Programming

College Recruitment:

Field Level

NCAA Eligibility Center

Showcases and Spring/Fall League Opportunities

Perfect Game: Perfect Game is a resource many of our players have used in the past not only for player showcase/evaluations but also for Spring and Fall Leagues. The fall league provides an opportunity for players who have elite skills and are looking for better competition in addition to opportunities to gain more exposure to college and professional baseball.


Prepbaseball Report Iowa: PBR provides opportunity to various showcases that can help open doors based upon performance in these events.