Parent Expectation

At City High we have the highest expectation for our entire program. We have ambitions to be a model program not only in the state of Iowa, but also the entire country. To do so requires parental support. This support not only is related to your child’s well being, but also with regard to the betterment of the entire program! This is a family experience and we encourage you to treat your son’s teammates as if they were your own.

As previously stated, our ambitions are to become a model program. To do so requires significant commitments from players, parents, coaches and our administration. Players are expected to train in some fashion year round. As we encourage multi-sport athletes at CHS, we expect our athletes that are not in a sport to participate in our strength and conditioning program, as well as participate in open cage and pitchers and catcher work. We need you to help your child understand the importance of these things and to make sure they are participating. Secondly, proper nutrition is also very important. Please make sure your child is eating properly, including eating breakfast.

Other ways you can help:

  • Participate in the Parent Support Group which may include:
    • Fundraising activities
    • Concessions
    • Apparel and Merchandising
    • Gameday promotions
    • Help with necessary volunteer work at the field
    • Youth Tournament Preparation
  • Promote and encourage fans to attend


Areas you are expected to help:

  • Concessions at least one game
  • Little Hawks Youth Classic Concessions on June 1st & 2nd


While at the park:

As coaches, we understand the energy and passion that comes with competition. With this we can sometimes allow our emotions to come unchecked. We encourage you to support our players, but require that you respect our program by not embarrassing those around you including your son. Therefore we ask you to respect the game of baseball along with all of those at the park by:

  • Allowing the coaching staff to address umpires issues
  • Make certain that only positives comments are shared
  • The dugout is for the players and coaches, please respect this space.
  • Please stay off the field with the exception to an injury that warrants entering the field at the appropriate time.


Concerns you may have with your son’s playing time or overall baseball experience:

We fully recognize that we may not see playing time or other areas the same as you may as a parent. We respect that you want to see what is best for your child. We also encourage communication from you regarding these challenges. We would respectfully ask that you address your concerns in the following manner:

  1. Ask your son to approach his coaches directly on any concern he may have. 
  2. If this does not resolve the issue, schedule a time with you, your son and our staff. Make certain that this request is made at the appropriate time. This would most likely be the following day, and should never be requested the day of a game when emotions may be running high.
  3. Create a positive environment at home related to baseball and personnel conversation.

Helping your son to play at the next level:

As a program, it is our goal to see players leaving CHS with the opportunity to play on after their CHS career. While this may not fit everyone’s abilities or aspirations, it is something we encourage and will help with. These opportunities typically can be enhanced by players and parents through the promotion of your child. What should you do to help?

  1. Create a 5-minute video of your son in various aspects. This can include game tape, but mostly should be drill work.
  2. Send letters to appropriate schools your son may want to attend.
  3. Complete profile information at
  4. Participate in various camps and showcases. (You must be careful with this however as your son’s health must be the first priority.)

College Recruitment



As a coaching staff, baseball is a secondary part of the equation to us. Our main goal is to teach your son to be a great young man! To do so, we create a challenging environment both physically and mentally. We need your support at home to maintain the challenging, yet positive, experience for your child and our program!!!


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