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Little Hawks Baseball: About Us… The Iowa City Little Hawks youth baseball program was established in 2010 to promote baseball in the City High district and serve as the official feeder system for City High baseball. Our main goal is to develop baseball fundamentals, instill outstanding sportsmanship and get the boys excited about playing high school ball.

We are competitive and we play in tough tournaments. We learn how to win gracefully, and to lose with dignity. Character counts in Little Hawks baseball!

Little Hawks Baseball is about…

  1. Teaching Good Fundamental baseball. Winning is the result…not the emphasis.
  2. Running a top quality league. Follow the rules, wear our hats straight and tuck in our shirts. Represent the Little Hawks with Class.
  3. Taking the game seriously, but we have fun.
  4. Striving for constant improvement. Always looking for ways to be better. We can always do it better…having the humility to realize that. Learn from our losses and errors.
  5. Always displaying good sportsmanship, having no public display of poor sportsmanship.
  6. Taking Pride in the Little Hawk organization, supporting all other Little Hawks teams and our high school teams.
  7. Communicating effectively and respectfully with coaches, players and parents.
  8. Providing quality and safe equipment while making participation as affordable as possible.
  9. Enjoying everything about the game of baseball!

Little Hawks Baseball is about…

  1. Do not coach from the stands. No parents in the dugout.
  2. Be respectful to the opposing team. Always display good sportsmanship. Set a good example for the boys.
  3. No alcohol at our youth sports events.
  4. Do not criticize the coaches, just let them coach.
  5. Do not criticize the umpires. They are doing their best, and won’t be perfect.
  6. Work with your boy at home to help him improve.
  7. If you have a question for the coach, address it at an appropriate time.
  8. Get involved. Help get sponsors, coordinate refreshments, plan a team social event or anything else to help make the season fun!
  9. Enjoy this time with your baseball player. They grow up so fast!

Code of Conduct:

2013 Parent Code of Conduct
2013 Player Code of Conduct

Board Members:

President – Brad Seaton
Treasurer – Neal Hunger
Secretary – Patty Grabinski
Dennis Cronk
Doug Alberhasky
Jon Smith
Troy Hicks

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Little Hawk Baseball Club By Laws

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Little Hawk Baseball Club

PO Box 3013

Iowa City, IA 52244-3013

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